Choose winning teams and gain WinPoints!

On WINCIRQUE, you can participate in knowledge games based on the biggest football leagues in the world. Climb to the top of the leaderboard in the KickOff campaign for the chance of winning free daily money prizes!

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Show your football knowledge and be the Last Standing!

Predict teams that win in their match day and progress every week. If your teams draws or loses, you are eliminated. You cannot choose the same team multiple times.

Pick a winning team

Earn WinPoints with every prediction.

Climb the leaderboard each round!

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Earn WinPoints and receive free game passes!

Earn WinPoints during the KickOff campaign and climb the leaderboard! The best players will receive free game passes that will be included in daily campaigns with money prizes!

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How It Works...

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Get A Competition Game Pass

Get a game pass for any of the available competitions. During the KickOff campaign, you can get them for FREE.

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Register Into The Competition

Once you have obtained a game pass, go to My Games page and register in the game.

Depending on how many WinPoints you accumulate during KickOff, you will be able to win discounts or free game passes for the paid version.

The best player will receive 3 months of free game passes!

On the paid version, each registered game pass unlocks exclusive opportunities!

Image showing gameplay for Manchester City vs Liverpool

Choose a winning team!

Make weekly predictions and earn WinPoints. Get more points in each round you make a prediction. Once you have enough WinPoints, you can use them to enter other games for free.

Additionally, on the paid version, you will be able to exchange WinPoints for free game passes.

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Nothing to lose, everything to gain!

We use a unique approach of rewarding our community. Every game pass you own is automatically entered into all the prize campaings. Your game pass has a chance to win money prizes daily, until winning once. You keep your chance to earn money even if you don't play anymore.

Play weekly and top the leaderboard!